Blank Canvas

An engaging, hands-on fun and interactive one day workshop.
Price $175.00
Time: 5 hours

It’s about becoming aware and conscious of what it is you actually like doing… and accepting the challenge. Blank Canvas will develop your spatial fingerprint.

Workshop topics:
• Personal Style
• Embracing change
• Visualisation
• Creative or Logic
• Understanding Colour
• Innate relationships to objects
• Group activities

Hue Are You?

Explore and connect with colour, to find out more about you how you see yourself.
Price $140.00 + $20p/p for materials
Time: 2-2.5 hours

We are not looking at red means this and blue means that we are working with the science behind why we like and dislike certain colours. Have you ever asked yourself why is he/she like that? Why are they so different?

Workshop topics:
• Intro to how we see colour
• Colour systems
• Learn why you gravitate towards certain types
• Group activities
• You in this world
• How you take on the world
• How others see your world
• Your basic motivators

For more information
0421 351 973