Do The Spaces In Your Life Brighten Your Day, Or Bring You Down?

Let me ask you a question: do the clothes you choose to wear make a difference to how you feel?

Of course, they do.

The choices we make to express ourselves are important. They affect and reflect our own self-image – how we see, hear, feel, sense and relate to ourselves on a deeply personal level.

Let me ask you another question: how do you think the space you live in and the places you spend your time each day impact how you feel?

Our surroundings affect the way we think and feel. Since the earliest times, human beings have needed to be sensitive to our surroundings to survive. Think about it like this…how does stress affect us? Our brain and nervous, endocrine and immune systems are constantly interacting. So, the stress of a space that conflicts with you is likely to make you feel anxious, or completely uninspired, lifeless, bored, bland, monotone…the list goes on.

The Colour Collective Tours

Right now, exactly where you sit, take a moment to stop what you’re doing and close your eyes for a few moments.

I want you to look down and see your feet placed on the sandy red cobblestones of a vibrant Moroccan village. Feel the warm sun glaring down from the sky, through ruby red throw sheets overhead. Glance up, slowly, seeing yourself immersed in all of the beautiful contrasts, hues and textures of a Moroccan trade street.

Friendly faces greet you as they walk by, and you smile back, basking in the moment as you soak up the intensity of colour everywhere you look. The colours tell a story, and you want to read them all like a book that speaks to the creativity inside your soul.

Since ancient times, many cultures around the world knew the secrets of how colour and space influence how we feel in our daily lives.

Colour design is all about creating a visual feast in your own world and others. Why? Because it makes space for freedom, expression, creativity and nourishment.

Your environment matters. Colour it your way and watch it brighten your life. Colour design which is a visual representation of your world. It creates a space that lets you live—not just exist.

Nadine Donazzan
Nadine Donazzan