VIVID Festival Sydney

If you have ever experienced VIVID before, you will know how it feels to be moved by colour. The festival illuminates the city of Sydney with lights, colour and sound in new and innovative ways.

The Colour Collective Vivid Sydney

I was mesmerized by the Botanical Gardens. This is a beautiful place I’ve visited many times, but the imagery and colour, made me see it and feel it in a completely new light.

Nautilus Forest sent shivers down my neck. Closing my eyes at the Parrot Party, Oasis, was a spellbinding journey from the moment I stepped in. The city’s major attractions (Habour Bridge, and the Opera House of course) are always brought to life in different ways at VIVID Festival.

Moroccan Doors: The Sacred Transition Of Our Inner And Outer Worlds

Front doors form a sacred passage between the pace and the chaos of the outside world, and the beautiful and sacred spaces inside.

The front door, marks the transition point, used  to express yourself and share your essence with those who pass through it.

In every corner of this magical world of ours, individuals and cultures have used front doors to share their wonderful inner spaces and lives with us. 

Is it bold and robust, does it speak of tranquility, or is it grand and elegant like the sacred space inside? Does it stand or whisper quietly to the world?


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