About Nadine

Award-winning colour designer and the Director of DNA Designs, The Colour Collective tours and now recently collaborated with the Colour Collective. Nadine Donazzan has been on the leading edge of Colour design, for more than 10 years.

Also an educator at the prestigious International School of Colour and Design, Nadine deeply believes in one thing, colour changes everything.

From a young age, the magic of colour has been integral in Nadine’s life. With a father in the colour industry and an avid creative for a mother, she fell in love with colour and began chasing creativity and seeking freedom of expression early on. The lens of colour became her window into understanding the world, and that passion has only grown since then.

Nadine believes colour shows us how to live our best lives. As our lives shift and change, so too do the colours around us. Exposing ourselves to the wonders of colour from inspirations around the world, can provide us with the self-awareness to gain more insight into ourselves.

Join expert colourist and designer Nadine Donazzan as she takes you on transforming, soul-enriching, vibrant journeys to the most colourful destinations around the globe that will open your eyes to one of the great wonders of the world: the magic of colour.


Director of DNA Design established 2010
Director of The Colour Collective 2018
Collaboration with The Colour Collective 2019
Educator at ISCD
Winner of Master Builders Awards 2018 with Boombuild
Colour and Design-Masters Painters Awards for Excellence 2014 and 2015
Project in St Ives, aired on “Australia’s Best Homes”
Media: McGrath Magazine, Real Living, Wentworth Courier