VIVID Festival Sydney

This year, I walked around the streets of Sydney during VIVID Festival in absolute awe. Colour and sound have so much power to create magic. It can shift us into a wonderful place that makes us actually stop, look around and see our surroundings in a new light.

If you have ever experienced VIVID before, you will know how it feels to be moved by colour. The festival illuminates the city of Sydney with lights, colour and sound in new and innovative ways. Installations are crafted by some of the world’s leading artists and ‘imagineers’. For revitalizing your spirit and getting yourself back in touch with your own creative spirit, there’s nothing quite like it.

The Colour Collective Vivid Sydney

If you have lived in a place your whole life, like I have in Sydney, it has the potential to change everything you thought you knew about the wonder hidden in your environment. Sydney has always been my home, but this experience always opens my eyes to things I never thought possible.

I was mesmerized by the Botanic Gardens. This is a beautiful place I’ve visited many times, but the imagery and colour made me see it and feel it in completely new light.

Nautilus Forest sent shivers down my neck. Closing my eyes at the Parrot Party, Oasis, was a spellbinding journey from the moment I stepped in. The city’s major attractions (Habour Bridge, and the Opera House of course) are always brought to life in different ways at VIVID Festival. But if you go exploring, a wonderful adventure of light and colour in the most overlooked places will stay with you forever.

It never stops amazing me that the medium used to share all of this magic and these stories with us is colour. It connects us with our environment and makes our spirit soar.

I could not live without colour.

When was the last time you stopped to look around, and let colour speak to you?

Nadine Donazzan
Nadine Donazzan