Morocco Bound 2019

The Colour Collective Design Tours
Morocco bound October 2019. Join the colour collective tours, on our second sojourn to the spell binding location, of Morocco.

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Whether old or new, Moroccan decorous one distinctive trait, a commitment to the handmade

Most recent trip January 2019

January the 10th, I left the shores of Australia, bound for Morocco. This time I was set on researching and working with an incredible team in Marrakech. An inspiring experience, researching the various Riads and experiences, to make October 2019 bigger and better!

Initial Colour Collective tour, Moroccan adventure. September 2018

As the plane left Sydney, my heart was on fire. I was excited, like I had not been for a long time. This unknown world had lured me into its spell and to share it with others was magical.

Travelling from Marrakech to Chefchaouen and beyond, sharing stories, experiences and moments, as we connected to self, others and our environment.

VIVID Festival Sydney

If you have ever experienced VIVID before, you will know how it feels to be moved by colour. The festival illuminates the city of Sydney with lights, colour and sound in new and innovative ways.

The Colour Collective Vivid Sydney

I was mesmerized by the Botanical Gardens. This is a beautiful place I’ve visited many times, but the imagery and colour, made me see it and feel it in a completely new light.

Nautilus Forest sent shivers down my neck. Closing my eyes at the Parrot Party, Oasis, was a spellbinding journey from the moment I stepped in. The city’s major attractions (Habour Bridge, and the Opera House of course) are always brought to life in different ways at VIVID Festival.